GED Preparation

Legacy 5, the toughest and most challenging golf hole of the Saugeen Golf Club (Port Elgin, Ontario), was chosen to be part of our educational and training corporate name. "Legacy 5" was selected because the knowledge, skills, and planning needed to consistently par this hole are similar to the corporation’s objectives. Legacy 5 Consultants’ objectives are to assist adults in acquiring more knowledge to develop their test taking and planning skills so that they can achieve their educational and workplace goals.

Just as good instruction and good equipment makes for better golf, Legacy 5 Consultants' teaching strategies and resources make for better learning. Our objective is to take the “toughness” out of educational pathways and pursuits. The challenge of attaining educational and/or career goals is demanding for many adults, especially for those who have been out of the classroom for some time. The adage "It's hard leaving school and going out into the world, but harder going back the other way" is fully understood by Legacy 5 Consultants who collectively have over 100 years experience teaching adults in secondary school and college settings. All of our classes have been designed using time tested adult learning principles that focus on changing educational barriers into bridges to higher learning.

Over the last 15 years we have delivered over 150 GED Preparation classes in workplace and school settings. Our GED preparation classes can be customized to meet company/union/community needs, and to accommodate alternating shifts and schedules. For information, please visit GED Preparation Course.

We offer "one on one" tutoring for apprenticeship, GED preparation, and secondary school examinations, and offer classes in GED Mathematics and Writing. For further information, please visit Test Preparation.

In addition we carry selected educational software for ESL and ABE students. For information on our software, please visit Instructional Software.